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How to create a fairy tale house: Red Riding Hood

How to create a fairy tale house: Red Riding Hood

Step 1:  Start with 13 squares, 2 hollow squares and 2 pane windows, build the floor and walls.
Step 2: Use 18 triangles to build roof structure.
Step 3: Use 6 squares to complete the roof structure.
Step 4: Build a house entry by using 5 squares + 1 triangle.
Step 5: Attach the entrance to the house.
Step 6: Build 2 terraces using 2 squares and 4 castle battlements at sides.
Step 7: Attach terraces to the house.
Step 8: Decorate the garden with 2 trees, use 6 tall triangles, 2 triangles, and 6 rectangles.
Step 9: Build 2 pyramids by using 6 triangles.
Step 10: Draw two empty windows, one window with a wolf disguised as a grandmother and Red Riding Hood on dry erase decals. Apply to the house. Complete the yard and build a road with 4 triangles and 8 squares.



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