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Tytan® 400-Pc Magnetic Tiles & Building Blocks Set - STEM Certified - Provides Hours of Creative Fun For The Entire Classroom or Family!!!

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  • Unleash Creativity: With 400 tiles of various shapes and sizes, kids are able to build anything their mind imagines through creative play. With a simple click, these magnetic learning tiles can bring to life 1000s of different creations. The wheeled base also makes it possible for the blocks to turn into moveable 3D  vehicular structures.
  • Educational Fun: All of our products are parent tested & certified by STEM.org (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) as an integral educational tool. While having fun and being creative, kids are also using the magnetic tiles to develop STEAM related skills such as pattern recognition, magnetic principles, problem solving, and more. Make learning fun! 
  • Perfect Size: The ergonomic design of the magnetic tiles makes them perfect for children (3+) to develop their fine motor skills while still having fun. Kids from toddlers to school aged children are able to easily snap the blocks together and just as easily take them apart. 
  • Easy to Store & Move: A carrying bag is included for easy, stress-free storage. It also allows kids to take the learning tiles with them easily from room-to-room
  • Safety First: Children’s safety is our top priority. That’s why our magnetic tile kits are made with environmentally friendly materials and are Child Safety Certified.
  • Limit Screen Time: Allow children the chance to explore their imaginations without sitting in front of a screen. The bright, colorful tiles can be crafted into castles, rocket ships, and more!

This amazing magnetic building tiles set comes in a wide variety of striking colors and shapes including triangles, squares, rectangles and more! It even comes with a wheeled vehicle base for even more creative play. The tiles safely and easily snap together using built-in magnets for frustration-free play. Allow your kids to unleash their imagina­tion by building anything from large 3D buildings to movable cars. With the Tytan®Magnetic Tiles, kids can truly learn and play while growing their creative skills: "a million and one combinations of fun!."

The Tytan® 400-Pc Magnetic Tile Kit was created to encourage children (3+) to use their imagination and explore their creativity. This affordable kit comes with 400 magnetic tiles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as, a wheeled base to take 3D creations on the go. While they are creating, children are fine tuning their motor skills and engaging creatively without using a digital screen!

This award winning kit is also certified by STEM.org as an educational tool to help develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Not only are kids using their imaginations while playing, they are also working with shapes, pattern recognition, magnetic principles, problem-solving, architectural building, and more.

Tytan® products are made to be an affordable option for parents while keeping the safety, well-being, and development of children in mind. All products are made from environmentally friendly materials, are parent tested, and have the highest level of CPSA child safety certifications. To make sure our products encourage your child’s development, we are also certified by STEM.org as an educational toy.

This kit is compatible with other Tytan® products and parent-tested.

Recommended for children age 3 and older. Magnets can be harmful if swallowed. Discard damaged tiles.

400 Piece Set Includes: 104 Squares, 66 Hollow Squares, 50 Right Triangles, 30 Tall Triangles, 44 Rectangles, 50 Equilateral Triangles, 20 Two Pane Windows, 20 Four Pane Windows, 10 Castle Battlements, 6 Wheeled Base Vehicles 2 Carry Bag.