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Fractions With Magnetic Tiles

Fractions With Magnetic Tiles




Name of Activity: Mathematics with Magnetic Tiles

Age or Grade level: 5 years old

Type of activity:   Small group

Curriculum Area: Mathematical development            




  • Objectives:

  • Identifying basic shapes (2D and 3D Shapes)
  • Learning how many parts to make a whole.
  • Using the mathematical language of Halves, Thirds, Fourths correctly.
  • Developing fine motor skills by creating whole shapes.

  • Materials: 
    • Laminated labels for halves, thirds and fourths.
    • Magnetic tiles


  • Procedures:

    • Introduce the names of 2D Shapes using magnetic tiles by interactive session
    • Discuss the objects that are similar to basic shapes.
    • Sorting the magnetic tiles into three groups.
    • Making whole shapes using magnetic tiles.
    • Label the created shapes. 


    1. Developmental Activity
    • Step01: Teacher will introduce the basic shapes using magnetic tiles and ask children to recall the names of the shapes.
    • Step 02: Talk about the difference and similarity of each shape and allow children to name the objects that are similar to the magnetic tile shape.


    • Step 03: Place two baskets and have children sort the magnetic tiles into two groups such as triangles and squares.

    • Step 04: Have students make a magnetic square using two triangles and label it as halves, make a rectangle using three squares and label it thirds, make a big square using four squares and label it as fourth. Discuss about the mathematical concept of fractions.

    1. Assessment: Making a checklist with below Questions:


    • Were all students engaged and participating?
    • Were they comfortable with the activity set ups?
    • Which activity went very well/not so well/not as well as expected?
    • Did materials spark participation?
    • Were children able to recall the words halves, thirds and fourths?
    • Did children understand the concept of fractions?  
    1. Enrichment:
    • Expressive language- Let the child with higher Mathematical skills to sort the triangle into two groups such as right triangles and equilateral triangles. 


    1. Follow Up:
    • Let the children make 3D shapes using magnetic tiles such as cube, cuboid and pyramid.

    Recommended product: 

    100-pc magnetic tiles kit

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