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STEM Toys Your Child Will Love

At Tytan™, we believe every child should have the opportunity to grow, develop, and reveal the natural world through their own self-discovery. That’s why we manufacture award winning 100% non-toxic magnetic tiles, that allow your child to uncover the joys of geometry and physics. With countless different shapes and sizes in every STEM authenticated pack, children can create thousands of figures and objects, all while learning about common STEM topics.


Discover the Joys of Creativity and Innovation

Children continue to spend more time on digital devices every year, which has contributed to a decline in creative skills. Thankfully, Tytan™ Tiles offers a fun hands-on alternative, that encourages children to unleash their inner creativity and ingenuity – while giving technology a break. With countless different shapes and angles that can be crafted into any form, structure, or object, your child will have full freedom to create anything from the core of their imagination.

Top-Quality Non-Toxic Materials

Safety should be at the forefront of every parent’s mind, so we decided at Tytan™ to manufacture each of our magnetic sets with food-grade ABS plastic that is both BPA and phthalate-free. While creating non-toxic toys was our main goal, we took our efforts a step further by designing enlarged parts that couldn’t be ingested or inhaled. With rounded edges, embedded low-power magnets, and tactile angles for an easy grip, each shape is perfectly safe for children of all ages.


Develop Social Skills & Learn the Importance of Sharing

A child’s social skills are just as important as their scholastic skills, as their emotional intelligence will affect how they deal with challenging situations. With Tytan™ Tiles, you can be sure your child is developing their social skills alongside their scholastic ones, when they play and interact with other children or adults. By sharing pieces, communicating ideas, and working together, children can develop lifelong social skills that will help them navigate the obstacles of life.



Top Quality Toys

At Tytan™, we strive to deliver top-quality toys with a minimal carbon footprint. Naturally, we decided the most ethical way to go about meeting that goal would be to manufacture all of our toys from high quality materials, and ship them in eco-friendly packaging. So, we did just that, while simultaneously creating structurally enhanced tiles that offer more support than almost any other competitor on the market. When you choose Tytan™ Tiles, you are choosing a brighter future for your child in more than one way.


Where To Find

Tytan™ Toys are available for purchase from several online retailers, including,, and Tytan™ Magnetic Tiles and STEAM toys are also available in-store in Sams Club, BJ'S Wholesale and Wal-Mart stores near you.