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Magnetic Tiles Math Race - Lesson Plan

Magnetic Tiles Math Race - Lesson Plan


To develop students’ basic addition skills and counting skills.

Developmental Area(s)

Cognitive (Counting and Patterning)

Motor (Fine Motor)

Lesson Objective(s)

  • Identify number on dice and count the corresponding number of tiles



  • Magnetic tiles

  • One Dice

  • Floor space or large table


  1. Gather materials in the designated area



  • Ready, set, go! Take the first turn as an example.

  • Roll dice, identify the number on the dice by counting its dots.

  • Count out the corresponding number of tiles and arrange them in a line.

  • Guide child’s learning by helping them count their dice and magnetic tiles as they meet challenges.

  • The first one to make the longer line before running out of tiles, wins!

  • At the end, count out the lines of tiles!



General Challenges

  • Count tiles and dice together, allowing them to count up to the numbers they know first and then assisting

  • Use a number line/visual number representation

  • Provide wrist support for fine motor delays


Assess child’s performance of objectives by allowing them to take independent turns and observe their counting skills (sequence and errors).

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