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Sight Words! - Lesson Plan

Sight Words! - Lesson Plan


To build students’ awareness of text, sight words, and basic vocabulary.

Developmental Area(s)

Language (Alphabetics, Phonemic Awareness, and written language.)

Motor (Fine Motor)

Cognitive (Sorting, Matching, and Pattern Recognization)


Lesson Objective(s)

  • Recognize given sight words

  • Recreate three given sight words using lettered magnetic tiles


  • Magnetic tiles

  • Permanent Marker

  • Index Cards (Optional: Sight word flashcards)


  1. Write sight words on index cards

  2. Write chosen sight words on tiles. Each tile should have one letter.

  3. Give each child three index cards and their corresponding letter tiles. Mix the letters up.


Introduce Activity

  • Words are made of the letters of the alphabet!

  • Introduce an example sight word, sound it out with the child and identify its letters (i.e. Mom is spelled m-o-m, M makes the “mmmm” sound, O makes the “ahhh” sound.

  • Call on children to identify the letters in the sight word and create it with magnetic tiles to present lesson example.



  • Sight word hunt! Let children begin to recreate their magnetic tile words.

  • Observe and anticipate challenges and help children by encouraging them to match the sight word (i.e. “Your word is duck! Can you find the first letter D? Which one looks like the letter on your card?”)




Language Delay

  • Allow children to use the class word wall/visual display to help identity letters from a familiar letter reference

  • When choosing sight words, choose words that build on words/sounds/letters they already can identify

  • Opt to add a picture representation of sight word to build identification connections (i.e. print a picture of a cat with index card or use a sight word flashcard)


When finished the activity, ask children to read each word and identify the letters in their words.


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