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How magnetic tiles can help in kids’ education and development of creative thinking

How magnetic tiles can help in kids’ education and development of creative thinking

How magnetic tiles can help in kids’ education and development of creative thinking


Magnets are loved by everyone, from kids to adults. There is a satisfying feeling when two objects effortlessly attract one another. Whether it’s the random magnetic door hinge that hooks the door or the magnetic alphabet on the fridge. Speaking of magnetic alphabet, magnetic tiles have now been steadily gaining popularity, where you move from letters to 3D designs.


Magnetic tiles been finding a place in STEM gradually. They consist of a 2D plastic shape fitted with magnets on its edges. Available in different shapes and sizes, and are friendly enough to kids of nearly all ages. What’s interesting is that some parents just can’t have enough for their kids. The children get to explore designs not only from the guide provided (like the modern equivalent of a jigsaw puzzle) but they keep exploring and making creative designs with whatever pieces they have. Some parents have been seen buying more of these tiles and stacking them in a bigger bucket.


When the child is in their early ages, the time when their brain is fresh and developing, open-ended learn and play has been most welcome especially when people are realizing the importance of STEM/STEAM education. Magnetic tiles are proving to be very useful in engaging the children towards a more imaginative and inspiring learning.


Let’s take a few examples. If your kid is inspired by buildings and draws them on paper every now and then, he can make anything from a house to a full castle with magnetic tiles. Because the tiles stick quite nicely and give a very satiating feedback when being connected, they help improve hand eye coordination and motor skills too.


Some magnetic tiles these days come with Glow In Dark feature that make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Glow In Dark Magnetic Tiles


Modern day tools for playful learning are usually coming for consumer electronics such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Especially at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all in different ways, these tiles have been providing great screen free socializing and family time. This means that children will develop mental and physical skills, color and shape identification, and an interest in STEM/STEAM subjects.


Magnetic tiles are now bringing a new way of expressing children’s likes and dislikes. If your child builds a rocket, you can be sure of the fact that he’ll admire outer space and all science activities related to it.

The 3D shapes and animal building instructions are pretty intuitive for the children alone, but there is no wrong way of using these tiles. You can even have your own child’s gallery at home. There have been community and idea galleries online, where you can see the various artistic ideas children have come up with.


Parents have even enjoyed spending time with children when they play with these tiles, proving that the child can instill creativity and develop social skills at the same time. On top of these great benefits, these tiles are also a great way to teach children a little bit about geometry and shapes. Their arithmetic intuitions can be off to a kick start!


The learning and creative possibilities are endless, and with tiles coming in so many different shapes, topics, and sizes, we can expect children using these tiles to become the creators of tomorrow. The time of playful magnets is no longer restricted to putting them on the refrigerator or metallic surfaces, but it’s a whole new world to explore, and parents and teachers will even enjoy their time with the children. Magnetic tiles take us back to the memories of Lego blocks, but in a different yet fascinating way.Geometry Structure Magnetic Tiles

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