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How to build a train!

How to build a train!

Step 1: Build a cabin using 3 squares + 1 pane window.

Step 2: Install cabin on to a wheel based vehicle.

Step 3: Build an engine block using 1 square, 2 rectangles and 1 castle battlement.

Step 4: Install engine block in front of a cabin.

Step 5: Draw a train driver on a sticker.

Step 6: Apply sticker to the side of a cabin. The driver is in the place!

Step 7: Build second train wagon using 7 squares + 1 pane window.

Step 8: Install it on to the second wheel based vehicle. Add animal stickers!

Step 9: Build a third train wagon using 8 squares.

Step 10: Install wagon on to a third wheel based vehicle.

Step 11: Draw more train passengers on a stickers and apply them to the wagon!



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