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Guide: How to build a castle!

How to build a castle

Guide: How to build a castle!
Guide: How to build a castle!

How to build a castle!


Prepare: 17 squares, 4 pane windows, 14 hollow squares, 4 castle battlements, 12 rectangles, 10 triangles, 6 tall triangles.


Step 1: Build first floor using 13 squares + 2 pane windows at the front + 2 hollow squares as walls, once assembled - put 4 squares on top.

Step 2: Build second floor using 2 pane windows facing front + 5 hollow squares as sides.

Step 3: Build roof ornament construction using 1 hollow square + 4 castle battlements.

Step 4: Build roof using 8 rectangles + 6 tall squares. Put roof ornament on it.

Step 5: Build two additions to second floor sides by using 3 hollow squares + 4 triangles for each.

Step 6: Build castle entry by using 4 rectangles + 2 triangles at sides.



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