TYTAN® Magnetic Cubes 50-Piece Colorful Building Blocks


With 50 rounded-edge cubes of 4 different colors, kids can safely build anything their mind imagines through CREATIVE PLAY. The cubes easily snap together with their magnetic sides, bringing to life numerous creations and dreams. Tytan’s bright, colorful cubes can be crafted into flowers, different animals, towers, and so much more.

Children will get to explore their IMAGINATION and fine-tune their MOTOR SKILLS without sitting in front of a screen. Get together as a family for endless combinations of fun. Kids will get to feel a sense of achievement after every construction. Every Tytan® magnetic cube kit is certified by STEM.org as an educational tool to help develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. Kids will get work with SHAPE AND PATTERN RECOGNITION, MAGNETIC PRINCIPLES, and ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING.

INCLUDES: 1 Tytan® Magnetic Cubes 50-Piece Building Blocks Set, which features 13 Blue Cubes, 13 Yellow Cubes, 12 Orange Cubes, and 12 Red Cubes. With environmentally friendly and toxic-free materials plastics, Tytan Magnetic Cubes are safe, fun, and simple for children 3+ to enjoy.