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Identifying Basic Shapes (2D and 3D) - Lesson Plan

Identifying Basic Shapes (2D and 3D) - Lesson Plan

Title: Identifying Basic Shapes (2D and 3D)

Learning Objectives (Students Will Be Able To...)

  • ●  Identify basic shapes (including 2D and 3D)

  • ●  Understand how many parts make a whole

  • ●  Use mathematical language of halves, thirds and fourths

  • ●  Develop fine motor skills by building shapes


  • ●  Magnetic Tiles

  • ●  Laminated labels for halves, thirds and fourths


  1. Introduce the names of basic 2D shapes by watching this short video clip:

  2. Discuss what these shapes look like around us in our daily lives.

    -What is an object that is a circle? A square? A rectangle? Etc.

  3. Have students sort the magnetic tiles into 2 groups: triangles and squares.

  4. Have students make a magnetic square by using 2 triangles and label it as halves.

    -Make a rectangle by using 3 squares and label it thirds.
    -Make a big square using 4 smaller squares and label it as fourth.

-Discuss the mathematical concept of fractions with students.


Were all students engaged and participating?
Which activity went very well/not so well?
Were students able to recall the words halves, thirds, and fourths? Did students understand the concept of fractions?


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