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Picture Perfect Patterns!

Picture Perfect Patterns!



Develop students’ concepts of patterning

Developmental Area(s)

Cognitive: Sustained Attention, Working Memory, Category Formation, Problem Solving


Lesson Objective(s)

Complete the given Magnet-tile pattern


Tytan Magnetic Tiles, Magnetic Surface (Baking Sheet, Refrigerator, etc)


Prepare your magnetic surface, and choose the pattern(s) you want students to complete. Start the pattern on each child’s magnetic surface.


Introduce Activity

Complete a simple pattern together
Introduce the definition of patterns simply as “When things repeat”
Use an applicable example around the room (i.e. “Look at Joshua’s striped sweater! There’s a white stripe and then a blue stripe, and then a white stripe again! The stripe colors repeat!”)


1. Give each child their magnetic board with the pattern and give them the directions to complete their pattern as they did in the introductory activity.
2. Monitor each child and help as needed.
3. As students complete their pattern, ask them about the pattern (i.e. “What is your pattern? I see that it starts with an orange triangle, what comes next?”)
4. Repeat!


General Challenges

Print a visual representation of the finished product.
Create a pattern of only two different components
Complete the lesson as a group
Refer back to the introductory practice pattern


When finished the activity, ask students to identify their patterns as they did during the procedure and check that it is correct. Optional: Instruct students to then create their own pattern and identify/assess that pattern too!

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