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Magnetic Tiles Word Search!

Magnetic Tiles Word Search!


To develop students’ emergent reading skills

Developmental Area(s)

Language: Building sight word vocabulary to increase complex sentence skills

Motor: Fine Motor

Lesson Objective(s)

- Find hidden words in the magnet tile grid


- Magnetic Tiles - Marker


Prior to the lesson, decide on a list of 5-8 words that you would like student’s to find in the word search. Make sure that the words are within students’ developmental range. Next, arrange magnet tiles in a 10x7 grid and add chosen words in any desired order.


Introduce Activity

  • -  Review the list of words with students so they are familiar

  • -  If needed, complete an example word search, showing

    students’ how to find and circle sight words


  1. As a group, give each student a marker and let them gather

    around the word search grid and search for sight words.

  2. Provide guiding assistance as needed (i.e. “What does the

    word cat start with? Do you see the letter C?”

  3. Continue steps #1 and #2 until all words are found!


General Challenges

  • -  Print a visual representation of the finished product.

  • -  Rather than as a group activity, make individual word search

    grids for each child if there are many different developmental levels


When finished the activity, ask children to show the words they found on the word search. OPTIONAL: Point to each word on the list and ask students to choose the circled word on the word grid.

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