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Valentine’s Day Puzzles!

Valentine’s Day Puzzles!


To develop students’ concepts of puzzles, shapes, and patterns.

Developmental Area(s)

Cognitive: Visual Perception (Memory, Discrimination, Comprehension), Problem Solving, Patterns, Attention Span

Motor: Fine Motor

Lesson Objective(s)

- Fill in the heart-shaped puzzle using Magnetic Tiles


  • -  Magnetic Tiles

  • -  Kraft Paper - Marker


Prior to the lesson, use the example above to create a heart on kraft paper. Next, trace the heart, outlining the shape of each tile within the heart shape. Remove the tiles to reveal the puzzle/template. This puzzle can lay on a floor, table, or be taped to the fridge.


Introduce Activity

  • -  Review how to fill in the puzzle by matching the shapes

    with the outlines on the puzzle

  • -  Review the shapes of the tiles used in the puzzle (i.e.

    triangle, square)


  1. Place the Kraft paper on the desired surface.

  2. Give students the magnet tiles needed to finish the puzzle

3. Provide help as needed (i.e. “What shape does that look like? Can you find a triangle to put there?”)


General Challenges
- Print a visual representation of the finished product.


When finished the activity, ask children to identify the shape they made and identify the shapes within it

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